Dear reader ,

«If you are planning to read only one book this year,
you should really get your act together!»

Kagge Forlag guarantees you great reading experiences in 2010 and beyond. We are publishing over 70 new titles, as well as new editions of previous publications and pocketbooks.

We publish a wide range of books by Norwegian authors - from Norway's foremost philosopher Arne Næss to the famous Norwegian playwright, Henrik Ibsen.  In between you'll find a great variety, from poetry, novels, essays and short-stories to travel-literature, gift books, cookbooks, documentaries, biographies and other non-fiction publications.

In addition to this, an increasing number of leading foreign writers are represented on our lists. From the bestselling authors Bret Easton Ellis and Allison Pearson to Alyson Noël`s success-series Evermore

Previous years, Kagge Forlag has translated and published international authors from Hans Blix' Disarming Iraq («Avgjørende dager») to Allison Pearson's I don't know how she does it and I think I love you («Jeg fatter ikke hvordan hun får det til» and «Jeg tror jeg elsker deg») and Pulitzer prize winning Daniel Yergin's The Prize («Svart gull»). We have also published Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged («De som beveger verden»), which by some is considered to be the «bible of capitalism». Furthermore, Kagge Forlag has published works by Douglas Adams, Carl Hiaasen, Elmore Leonard, Umberto Eco, Richard Brautigan, Don DeLillo, Karl Marx and Jean Starobinski, in addition to Charles Frazier's Cold Mountain, that quickly became a best-seller.

Kagge Classics has proudly published several brilliant international authors such as Oscar Wilde, Joseph Conrad, Robert L. Stevenson, Thomas De Quincey, Mark Twain, Robert F. Scott, Jules Verne and Mary Shelley.
On the backlist of erotic classics, we find French best-seller Pauline Réage's The Story of O («Historien om O»), one of the most fascinating and contoversial contemporary literary works. Our most recent erotic classic is Italian Pietro Aretino's The Art of Seduction («Kunsten å forføre»), from 1535.

On our homepages you will find information on most of our books. We also recommend that you take a look at our catalogue available online, - a complete guide to all the titles we are marketing, extracts from the books, the book covers and further information. Although in Norwegian, the design, the book covers and the hundreds of titles makes this little book a pleasant reading experience in itself! The catalogue is distributed for free in all bookstores. We would be pleased to receive your catalogue order by e-mail.

Since it was founded in 1996, two years after I had succeeded in reaching both poles on skis and climbing Mt. Everest, Kagge Forlag has been growing steadily every year. From the start, we have been among Scandinavia's most profitable publishers with an annual turnover of approximately EURO 4 500 000. Today we have thirteen employees. All our books are sold in Norwegian bookstores; a huge majority are also distributed by book clubs; and a few titles through other retailers. A large number of our titles are chosen by Norwegian companies as gifts and for use in educational purposes. In addition to this we are specialists in customising books for private and public companies.

Best regards,

Erling Kagge